William Shakespeare 01
Working on Romeo and Juliet

Full Name William Shakespeare
Title(s) Bard of Avon
Additional Info
Job(s) Playwright
Power(s) Phoenix Feather Quill Pen
Species Human
Number of Issues 1
Comic Appearances
First Appearance
Innocents Lost
Last Appearance
Only One Issue

William Shakespeare was a famous playright who lived from April 26, 1564 to April 23, 1616. Many of his plays are very well known, such as Much Ado About Nothing, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest, The Merchant of Venice, and many more.

In the ComicsEdit

Innocents LostEdit

It turns out that when he wrote Romeo and Juliet, he used a quill pen made out a phoenix feather. This had the effect of making the two stars of the story relive their lives over and over again. Romeo and Juliet met and married at least a dozen times over four hundred years. When Elise Rothman had Phoebe Halliwell, one of the Charmed Ones, doing a publicity stunt for The Bay Mirror where she married off dozens of couples, they approached her, hoping that having a Charmed One marry them would end the cycle that William Shakespeare accidentally started with his phoenix quill pen.


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