Upper Regions
Elders Taking Covers
Gateway to The Vault
The Beyond
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Number of Issues 5
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Frequently refered to as "Up There" by the Charmed Ones.

Gateway ToEdit

The BeyondEdit

The gated entrance to the beyond, which is the place where the dead reside, is found in the Upper Regions.

The VaultEdit

The Vault

The vault is a place where many magical items are kept and the entrance is found in the Upper Regions. Neena entered it to get the spheres, but she could not do it without Paige.

In the ComicsEdit

The SourcebookEdit

"Known in the vernacular as 'Up There,' this is the location from which the Elders watch over the world. Only Whitelighters possess the ability to orb into The Upper Regions, though the forces of evil have, at times, stolen those powers to infiltrate the heavens."

The Heir Up ThereEdit

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Three Little WiccansEdit

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