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Charmed: Season 10
Next issue:The Four Sisters: Part Two
Written by: Pat Shand
Art by: Elisa Féliz
Release date: January 13, 2016
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Article of the Month

Scrying crystals are used by witches to locate other witches, innocents in danger, and demons.

When they learned in No Rest for the Wicca that all of their innocents were in danger, it spured on a search in this issue to locate and protect their past innocents and charges. Piper was using a scrying crystal to try and locate their charges while Paige worked with Henry to look through police files to see if they can find anyone. Once they had found what they could from Henry, Paige returned and they used a scrying crystal to locate Tyler Michaels.

Piper uses the scrying crystal to try and locate Leo while he is being held by Rennek. The first time she tries, like the rest of her powers, it doesn't work properly. It just goes round and round without ever landing anywhere. Presumably once Prue has stripped her powers, restoring Piper and Phoebe's ability to use their powers, Piper once more does some scrying, which is how she is able to locate Leo.

Comic Original Character of the Month

Bree is the daughter of Senator Holcombe. She is also the wife of Mitchell Coopersmith, a distant relative of Coop's.

Bree told her fiance, Mitchell, that he was forbidden from having a cake shaped like the Old Coopersmith Mine at their wedding. When he decided to have one made for their rehearsal dinner, she found that an acceptable alternative. She agreed that the cake was ugly, but said that if it was important to Mitchell, she loved it.

Later at their wedding, Bree was confused with the turmoil going on with Mitchell and his family. She ran out in tears, but was convinced to return when Coop had a pep talk with her and used his cupid magic on her. Coop figured it was okay to use his magic on Bree even after learning he shouldn't have used it on Mitchell since Bree wasn't actually part of the family yet.

She went back to see Mitchell and they agreed that despite everything that happened they wanted to be married and proceeded with their wedding.

Creative Team Member of the Month
David Seidman 01.jpg

David Seidman is the main cover artist for the Charmed comics. He is also co-credit with Dave Hoover for the interior art of one issue.

He is one of the few people to have worked on every issue in some form or another. Paul Ruditis is the only other one to have worked on all of the other issues, including The Sourcebook and Jim Campbell has worked on all of the storyline issues.

Cast Member of the Month
Sadie Stratton 01.jpg

Sadie had the roll of Melinda Warren's mother Charlotte Warren in the season 3 episode All Halliwell's Eve. Her character was kidnapped by Ruth Cobb in order to try and control Charlotte's daughter, Melinda, when she was born.

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Quote of the Month
"Historically speaking, women don't have the best track record taking apples from strangers. Look at Snow White."
Piper Halliwell
Issue of the Month
I22 - Cover A.png

Magic gangs fight for control against government forces seriously out of their depth. Even with Piper, Phoebe, and Paige on the case, there is little they can do without their own magic. Overwhelmed and outnumbered, the side of good must hang all their hope on the single most powerful witch in the world.

TV Series Character of the Month

Charlotte Warren was the non magical mother of Melinda Warren.

Shortly before her daughter's birth, she was taken captive by Ruth Cobb who wanted to raise her daughter evil. Eva and her coven used the magic of All Hallow's Eve to summon the greatest witches of all times, Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell. Though the three at first had no idea what to do without their active powers, with some help from Eva, they were able to learn what to do and rescued both Charlotte and Melinda.

Desperate when she finds herself alone and pregnant, Charlotte goes to Isabel, a woman believed to be a witch, for help. She tells her that somehow she knows that her fiance and lover, Lawrence Cutler, will not be returning. Instead of helping her get rid of her child as Charlotte believed she would, Isabel sent Charlotte to Virginia and to help. This help is believed to be Eva. Isabel sent with her a pendant that was shaped like a triquetra.

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