February 19, 2013

Profile Pics

Starting March 1st there will be a site wide vote to chose profile pics for the various character pages. (More...)

These votes will be done in groups and there must be a minimum of ten votes before the results will be tabulated. If there are more than ten votes before April 1st, the vote will be ended and the results calculated. If there is not, the vote will continue for another month and be reassessed on May 1st. A winning image must have a minimum of two votes more than the second places image. If it only has one vote more than the second place image or there is a tie, then a second vote will take place between the image with the most votes and all images within one vote of it.

In order for an image to qualify for the vote it must follow certain rules:

  1. It must be uploaded to the site prior to the beginning of the vote. This allows all images involved an equal chance to get people's votes.
  2. It must be from within the pages of the comic stories. This means it cannot be from The Sourcebook and it cannot be from the cover of an issue. It also cannot be a photograph.
  3. The image must contain only one character unless the other character is clearly in the background.
  4. The image must be unaltered other than cutting it down. This means it cannot have a speech bubble with the words cut out. It cannot have the colors darkened, lightened, or added.
  5. It must be in .png format.
  6. It cannot be a duplicate of an image already on the site, unless it is a higher quality image than the one already on the site. Any duplicates for any other reason will be deleted.
  7. It must be a minimum of 300px wide.
  8. The image must follow the rules of images that say no more than four images of any character, locations, object, or power per issue. If there is already four images of the character in question from the issue the image you want to add is in, contact the admin with a description of where the images is from including issue number/name, page number, and panel number if relevant. If the image in this situation is uploaded without an okay from the admin, it will be deleted.

In order to vote, you must sign your username and put a "#" before it. This is to keep one person from trying to vote multiple times. Unfortunately this means that annonymous editors cannot vote. You are not required to actually be an editor to vote, only a registered member of the wikia.

The winning image will be duplicated with a name reflecting its status as the a profile pic winner including the year. This will help protect the winner chosen by the people from being altered by one person who didn't like the results.

The first round of profiles to vote on will be Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Andy, Leo, Cole, Coop, Henry, and Kyle. Because there is only one image of Andy in the comics, that image is the automatic winner and will be duplicated and renamed appropriately. The rest of them will be set up for voting on the characters talk pages.


Also starting March 1st there will be votes for various highlighted things including issue of the month, two characters of the month, quote of the month, and video of the month. (More...)

Get you votes in starting February 21st to deturmine who the winners will be for the month of March. The highlighted articles this month were mostly chosen at random and are all eligible for being highlighted in March. After that, however, anything that has won withing the last three months is not eligible. Quotes are not eligible for one year after winning since there are so many of them. To vote on these, click on the following links:

  1. Article of the Month - This is for powers, locations, objects, spells, Book of Shadows pages, and ComicCons. These may be seperated at a later date, but for now they are together in one category.
  2. Cast Member of the Month - This is for highlighting the cast of the show who have a character appearing in the comics. Although they probably don't have much to do with the comics, if anything, they still brought that character to life.
  3. Comic Original Character of the Month - This is for characters that appear only in the comics, never on the TV show.
  4. Creative Team Member of the Month - This is for people who worked on the comics, the writers, artists, letters, editors.
  5. Issue of the Month - Any of the 25 issues may be chosen for this.
  6. Quote of the Month - Any quote that appears in issues #1 on of the comics. Once Season 10 starts up this may be divided into a quote for each season.
  7. TV Series Character of the Month - This is for characters who appear at least once or where mentioned at least once in the TV Series.
  8. Video of the Month - This is for videos related to the Charmed comics. These can be official from Zenescope, videos that include fan reviews, videos that include fan made credits for the comics, interviews with the creative team or with the cast of the show that include mention of the comics.

You can also get involved by voting in the polls. What poll there is is decided by the staff, but suggestions are encouraged at present.

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