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The quotes are needed. Each of the character pages has a spot for quotes even the ones who don't talk due to age or the fact that they are dead (Brittany). If you have a favorite quote made by a character please, please add it along with a reference to which issue the quote is from. These quotes must only be from the comics, but many are desired. The main rules are the previously mentioned that they must be a quote from the comics and the total number of quotes must be less then half of the lines spoken by that character unless they only have one or two lines. They must also follow the format of other quotes in the quote section.

One quote that defines the character or shows their personality or just makes everyone think of them is desired to put at the top of each character page. This can be from the TV show, although if possible make it from the comics. If more then one person has an idea of what quote to use, we will have a discussion about it. Also, if anyone knows the code used to make those special quotes, please share it. Thanks.

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