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Paul Ruditis is the author of three Charmed books, co-author of both Charmed episode guides, and the main author of the first season of Charmed comics, season nine of the series.



Other Charmed WorksEdit

  • As Puck Would Have It
  • Leo Rising
  • The Book of Three
  • The Book of Three: Volume 2
  • The Brewing Storm

Other WorksEdit

  • Bones: The Forensic Files
  • Bones: The Official Companion
  • Queer as Folk
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch





Sometimes Paul tweets little teasers that he calls "teaserpalooza" for issues before they come out. Some of these are clues about what will happen or who will appear. Others are single sentence pieces of dialogue. Usually he identifies these with the hashtag #teaserpalooza.

The Heavens Can WaitEdit

  • "That is no way to treat an old friend."
  • Mini-excerpt from the issue for you all because I'm feeling generous: "Enough with the show. I know you're P
  • Oh, darn. I ran out of characters. Guess I can't finish the quote. Sorry you have to wait for that now too.


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Other Charmed WorksEdit

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