Orb (Objects)
Paige Orbing the Book of Shadows to herself
Magical Users of Note Paige Matthews
Wyatt Halliwell
Chris Halliwell
Melinda Halliwell
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Charmed Lives
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The Charmed Offensive

Orb (Objects) is the ability to move or teleport objects from one location to another through use of orbs. This power is a hybrid combination of the powers orbing and telekinesis, where instead of moving the object with the mind alone, the object is moved through use of orbs.

A power unique to those with a whitelighter power, the ability to orb objects, sometimes referenced on the show by saying that Paige "called" the object and frequently called teleorbing or telekinetic orbing by fans, is an ability first shown when Piper and Phoebe were trying to get Paige to figure out what her power was.


Instead of waving her arm or squinting her eyes, like Prue did, Paige could call the object to her and it appeared in orbs. It is considered to be a mixture of the whitelighter ability to orb themselves and the witch power to move objects with their mind with telekinesis. However, both powers can be found in whitelighters, which might explain why so many of those with whitelighter and witch parentage have this ability.

This ability can be used to orb both objects and people to the person using it. Near the end of season eight, little Chris used this ability to bring his brother back after Wyatt had been kidnapped by Billie and Christy. In Oh, Henry, Paige attempted to use this ability to orb Piper to her.

Magical PeopleEdit

In the ComicsEdit

Charmed LivesEdit

It is later learned that

Mortal EnemiesEdit

When Henry, under the Source's spell, attacked Paige, she used her powers to orb a lamp into his head.

Unnatural ResourcesEdit

While everyone is focused on Grams and the "newly christened" PJ, Melinda wants her teddy bear and she decides to do something about it. She uses this power to bring her teddy bear to her.

The Heir Up ThereEdit

Melinda orbs various objects around Piper's new restaurant and orbs Piper and Phoebe into another room.

Oh, HenryEdit

Paige tried to use this ability to orb Piper to her. It didn't work, because Piper had already entered Neena's portal and was out of Paige's range.

The Charmed OffensiveEdit

During the fight in the Upper Regions, Paige orbs a demon out of her path and orbs Neena away from her sisters so they have time to cast a spell.

Family ShattersEdit

Unaware that she is in the presence of her sister, Paige violently orbs Prue off her feet in self-defense.


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