Knox meets the Charmed Ones

Montgomery Knox runs a magic school called Knox Academy. He calls it a neutral alternative to Magic School. He tried to recruit Tyler, but never told him exactly what kind of school he ran. He also left a card on the door of Paige and Henry's Home, possibly believing they would like to send Kat or Tam to his school or maybe he wanted to meet the Charmed Ones.

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Where There's Smoke There's a FirestarterEdit

Knox did not act all that surprised when Paige orbed her sisters to his school. He commented on their method of arrival, but that was all. He was quite ready to tell them about his school, which he claimed was neutral, and pointed out that Magic School had been taken over by demons, something that should never happen at a school. His face appeared in Alexi's mirror when Rennek said he had one more thing he wanted to do with the Jewel of Orthon.

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