Mitchell and Bree's Church
Located in San Francisco
Additional Info
Significant Events Marriage of Mitchell Coopersmith to Bree Holcombe
Number of Issues 1
First Appearance
Cupid's Harrow
Last Appearance
Only One Issue

The church building where Mitchell Coopersmith and Bree Holcombe were married. It has a garden in the back.

In the ComicsEdit

Cupid's Harrow

Phoebe first saw it in a premonition where Bree was running up the aisle, fleeing the pandomonium up front. This premonition caused Phoebe to decide to go to the wedding and bring her sisters. Coop tried to get in first, but was prevented by Cole. Cole let the three Charmed Ones in easily, but again prevented Coop when he tired, again. Once inside the girls split up, Paige going after Mitchell's parents and Phoebe going after Mitchell. It is unknown what Piper did, but according to a conversation between Mitchell and Bree, Mitchell has a brother who was behaving oddly, so maybe she dealt with him.

Outside Coop ran into Kama who denied being the one to keep him out and to some extent explained why he shouldn't be using his powers on his family, of which Mitchell clearly was. After the talk her finds Bree and since she's not yet family, he uses his powers to help her. Bree goes in and talks to Mitchell and the finally get married.


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