Improved Acceleration Melting 2
Piper melting the road below The Source of All Evil
Magical Users of Note Piper Halliwell
Number of Issues Used 4
Comic Appearance
First Appearance
Mortal Enemies
Last Appearance
No Country For Old Ones

This is the ability to make molecules reverberate at a speed which causes them to become disordered, this causes an object to rapidly heat up. As a result of this heat, the power can cause objects to melt or burn.


Called Fred by author Paul Ruditis and molecular acceleration by fans, this ability does not have an official name. In the comics, they call it Piper's melting power. It is also not exactly described as a new power, more as a growth or more control of the powers she already has.

Users can melt an object by speeding up the molecules within the object so that it's structure breaks down and becomes liquid. So far, this is considered the most potent effect of the power. They can create fire by speeding up the molecules within an object, causing the object to burst into flames. The explosive effects of Piper's Molecular Combustion can sometimes create and cause a lasting fire, the distinction however is that this aspect of Molecular Acceleration allows her to cause ignition without any explosive force. Users can increase the temperature of an object by speeding up the molecules in the object, causing it to boil or superheat to scalding temperatures.

In the ComicsEdit

Mortal EnemiesEdit

During an encounter with The Source, Piper tries to blow him up as he tosses a fireball at the sisters, however instead she accidentally melts the street, holding The Source in place long enough for Paige to orb them back to Magic School.

Unnatural ResourcesEdit

Piper uses this power to burn a rope through the middle causing it to split and make a chandelier to fall over the Source's head.

The All or NothingEdit

Piper uses this power to start a fire in Neena's Realm.


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