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Melinda Warren was the founder of the Warren line. Her parents, Charlotte Warren and Lawrence Cutler, were non-magical humans.


She had a daughter named Prudence Warren, before her death, she predicted that every generation of witch in her line would grow stronger and stronger until it culminated in three sisters, the Charmed Ones. Although she was executed as an accused witch in 1692, (she couldn't use her powers because the town would've truly believed she's a witch, which would've put her daughter in Danger too). She still met the Charmed Ones in the 1990s when her ex-lover and betrayer, Matthew Tate, escaped the locket where she had trapped him. The Charmed Ones called on her to help them figure out how to deal with him.

In the ComicsEdit

The Sourcebook

It discusses how Melinda was killed in the Salem Witch Trials in the seventeenth century and about her vow that "each generation of Warren witches would grow stronger culminating in the arrival of three sisters. These sisters would be the most powerful good witches the world has ever known. They would destroy all kinds of evil and be known at The Charmed Ones."

Last Witch Effort

Melinda was among the Warren witches that Grams and Patty gathered together in order to first help Paige get back to her body and then help defeat Neena.

The Charmed Offensive

As Paige, Grams, and Patty stand ready with the other dead Warren Witches, Melinda stands at the gate from The Beyond into the Upper Regions. Once they are open, she uses her telekinesis to send demons waiting at the gate flying so that they can create a clear path between Paige and her sisters.


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