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Number of Issues 1
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Luscious is the night club where Neena and Hogan were first shown. They had gone there to meet a contact of Hogan's. It might be a demonic bar as no one seemed to take much notice when the duo used magic, although it is possible that they might have done something to keep people from noticing or there might have just been so much going on that no one noticed.

In the ComicsEdit

Charmed LivesEdit

While waiting for Weasel to show up, Neena banishes an Angel of Destiny into one of her portals and starts a fight. Then, when Weasel grabs her ass, she uses her fire power to send him into the floor. It is uncertain if he survived that. They also managed to start a fight to cover up a drink spilled caused by Neena banishing the Angel of Destiny.


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