Levitation (Self)
Magical Users of Note Phoebe Halliwell
Number of Issues Used 7
Comic Appearance
First Appearance
No Rest for the Wicca
Last Appearance
The Heavens Can Wait

Levitation was Phoebe's first active power, something she was really excited about.


The ability to rise up off the ground and hover in the air. Phoebe found that she could extend her levitation powers to levitate other people and objects, so long as she establish and maintain physical contact with them. Other names can include rising and gliding. It is similar to the whitelighter power of hovering.

Magical PeopleEdit

In the ComicsEdit

No Rest for the WiccaEdit

Phoebe regains her ability to levitate while have a massive premonition where she sees all their innocents and charges, past and present, in danger.

Innocents LostEdit

In the intro, possibly written by Piper, it is confirmed that Phoebe did in fact regain her levitation power in the previous issue rather than just using it.

Mortal EnemiesEdit

Phoebe uses this power to avoid an attack from The Source of All Evil.

Unnatural ResourcesEdit

Phoebe uses this power to go over the source and hit him with a potion.

Oh, HenryEdit

Phoebe uses this power to avoid plummeting down from the Golden Gate Bridge when Neena attacks her and her sisters for the first time.

The Charmed OffensiveEdit

Phoebe uses this power in the fight against Neena and her army of demons.

The Heavens Can WaitEdit

Phoebe used it to levitate Paige's orb shield along with Leo and her sisters for a short period of time. She couldn't lift it high enough or long enough to get them across the weapon's field, so Piper used her explosion power to help, taking all three sisters working together to get across.

Family ShattersEdit



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