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Last Witch Effort is issue #11. It is also the fifth issue in the second story arc.


Alone. Out of options. Out of time. A decision is made that could affect The Power of Three and irrevocably change The Charmed Ones forever. Humanity hangs in the balance in the coming showdown between good and evil.

The Story

Warning! Spoilers!

Phoebe and Coop are busy cleaning up the attic after Phoebe's attempt to contact Neena's Beloved. Or Coop is sweeping while Phoebe is worrying about the back that Sam wasn't able to revive Paige. She complains that bringing him to the manor was a waste, but Coop disagrees, saying that having him there was a way to contact the whitelighters in hiding. Coop continues to try and calm Phoebe's fears.

Sam and Henry are standing vigil over Paige's body. Sam tries to reasure Henry, but doesn't do a very good job of it. And while Paige's body might be on a bed in the manor where her husband and father are standing vigil, her spirit is with Kyle. Kyle is trying to find a way to get Paige's spirit back in her body. He has a first step in a plan, but he's not sure it will work. He points out the other Elders have moved on, but unlike her, they took their bodies with them and he's not sure what will happen if she goes into the light without her corporeal form. Paige asks if that's where Piper is, but he says she's somewhere else.

Piper has just regained consiousness after eating the "apple" Cole offered her to get her out of the Failed Higher Realm where Neena sent her. Cole tells her that it didn't work, because she didn't trust him. She has to trust the magic or it doesn't work and since she doesn't trust him, she doesn't trust the magic. Piper tells him that he's "better get comfortable, because we're going to be here until hell freezes over."

Neena is busy in the Upper Regions with the two spears she got out of the Vault. When Leo, who is chained to a column and closely guarded by Rennek points out that her plans would "devestate the earth" she tells him that it's not her problem and that she should be able to get back to the Higher Realm and reclaim her place with the All and be with her love. When Leo tries a different tactic she agrees with him that this isn't her, but it is was they made her, they being the Elders and the Angels of Destiny. Leo reminded her that "dozens of innocents have died and whitelighters, most of them your descendants, your children." She shrugs it off, saying that she only killed the evil and the annoying. The rest her helpers killed. Then, she starts the spell that begins the changes, the joining of the Upper Regions with the Underworld. This causes the ground to split between Piper and Cole in the Failed Higher Realm and is noticable where Paige and Kyle are.

Henry comes up to the attic when it starts raining with thunder and lightning. Phoebe can't answer his questions and is glad when she is interrupted by the doorbell which she assumes his her dad. Henry offers to go get the door before the doorbell wakes the kids "or comes face to face with the whitelighter his wife replaced him with." Henry gets the door and lets Victor in as Victor closes his umbrella which he had stashed in the car. Henry shows him the room where all seven kids are sound asleep. The oldest two boys are asleep on the floor. The youngest two are in individual bassinets. And the three girls in the middle are all together in a playpen. Like Sam did earlier, Victor tries to reasure Henry. Henry tries to push his worries aside saying, "now's not the time," but Victor disagrees. Victor pics up a picture of his three daughters as little girls as he talks about how he made mistakes when dealing with his own magical family. He points out that Henry fell in love with Paige in the first place because he's just like her and that Henry gives Paige strength to do what she does. He tells Henry that "you may not have powers. You may not know magic. But you are part of her strength. She needs you more than you need magic." Henry thanks him and Victor sends him upstairs, but not before asking one question. He wants to know who the extra kid is. Henry tells him that it is "Henry Junior."

Upstairs in the attic Phoebe comments that the storm is getting worse. Henry returns to the attic ready to get to work on Phoebe's idea to locate and get back Piper and Paige. He asks if they have any ideas on how to contact them. Coop is surprised by Henry's attitude adjustment. Phoebe admits she hasn't been able to contact them, but the conversation sparks an idea. She sets up what she needs and casts a spell using a modified version of the spell she used almost a decade before to release her and her sisters' powers. When she mentally asks if her sisters can hear her, they are both surprised to hear her. Piper's response catches Cole's attention and he asks her to say hi to Phoebe for him. Piper ignores him. Paige's response catches Kyle's attention, but he advises her to just think her responses, saying this is better. They converse back and forth letting Phoebe know what is going on with them, although Piper lies and says she's alone. She then asks about Leo and Paige tells them both that Leo's still with Neena and Rennek, she hopes. She admits that "anything could have happened up there by now."

It is a mess up there. Jagged rocks are sticking out of everywhere. Leo is chained to a broken column, being taunted by Rennek. Rennek seems to want to remenisce about making a remake of the Thriller video in the eighties using real zombies. He seems to think this is something Leo would know about. Neena rejoins them and expresses surprise that Leo doesn't understand why she is doing this. Rennek tells Leo is makes sense to him and tries to imply that he and Leo fought because they were told to. Leo argues that it's because Rennek is a murderer. Rennek brushes the idea aside. Neena points out that a lot of bad things happen to Leo and that this was a poor reward for the good he did. When Leo points out that Neena just wants to be in charge, she argues that she deserves that chance. And regardless, she doesn't care, because she's going to leave the earth to whomever when she's got what she wants.

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