Knox Academy
Paige at Knox Academy
Located in San Francisco - Maybe
Additional Info
Number of Issues 3
First Appearance
Where There's Smoke There's a Firestarter
Last Appearance
The Darklight Zone

Knox Academy is the magic school started by and run by Montgomery Knox. He calls it a neutral alternative to Magic School.

In the ComicsEdit

Where There's Smoke There's a FirestarterEdit

Knox left his business card for the academy with Tyler as well as leaving one on the door of Paige and Henry's home. The one he left on the door of Paige and Henry's home was burned in the fire that started when Tam came into her powers.

Paige brought her sisters to the academy after Tyler showed them the business card he had been given. Knox told them that the academy was a neutral alternative to Magic School and that it taught those with magic how to use their magic or how to not use it.

Reversal of MisfortuneEdit

Although those at Knox Academy no longer have their abilities, they provide a safe place for the people of the magical community to hide from those who now have abilities and are afraid of those who don't have magic. When the manor became unsafe for the Charmed Ones and their families, they went there. Phoebe was the last one to arrive. Piper and Leo went there to try and get Leo's wings removed by a magical doctor helping out there.

The Darklight ZoneEdit


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