Paige heals Elise
Paige heals a beaten Elise Rothman
Magical Users of Note Paige Matthews
Wyatt Halliwell
Sam Wilder
Kyle Brody - Presumably
Leo Wyatt - Formerly
Number of Issues Used 3
Comic Appearance
First Appearance
Morality Bites Back
Last Appearance
Last Witch Effort

Healing is an ability mostly seen by whitelighters, some half whitelighter, and presumably elders though very few elders have shown this ability.


Healing is the ability to heal almost every kind of injuries and wounds. This ability is possessed by whitelighters, when they use it a golden light is emited from their hands.

Magical PeopleEdit

In the ComicsEdit

Morality Bites BackEdit

Paige successfully healed Elise of her injures.

Oh, HenryEdit

Paige attempted and failed to heal Henry Jr's Mom.

Last Witch EffortEdit

Sam tried and failed to heal Paige. Her body was unharmed and she could not return to it with the kind of healing he used.


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