Opening Night at Halliwell's
Located in San Francisco
Additional Info
Number of Issues 5
First Appearance
Mortal Enemies
Last Appearance
Cupid's Harrow

Halliwell's is the name of Piper Halliwell's restaurant, which she purchased in Mortal Enemies. Prior to it's opening in Piper's Place, it is seen in Unnatural Resources and The Heir Up There.

In the ComicsEdit

Charmed LivesEdit

Piper's attempt to make a food tasting for the restaurant she is planning to buy goes awry when she is attack by a "giant salad".

Mortal EnemiesEdit

Piper went around with a Real Estate Agent trying to find the perfect location for her restaurant. They were on the last restaurant on the realtor's list, when Piper found the perfect location. Unfortunately, that was also when the Source's spell kicked in and the realtor started attacking her.

Unnatural ResourcesEdit

Piper, her sisters, and their families meet at the site she has chosen for her restaurant after they defeated the Source. She tells them that the owners snapped up her offer.

The Heir Up ThereEdit

The restaurant is starting to take shape, but it's a mess after Melinda starts orbing things everywhere.

Piper's PlaceEdit

Cupid's HarrowEdit

In order to give Coop a chance to meet his family, Phoebe manipulated things so that the rehearsal dinner for Mitchell Coopersmith and Bree Holcombe's wedding. Cole tried to keep Coop out by holding the door closed, but Coop went around back. Once inside, Phoebe told Coop what she had done and volunteered him to help Mitchell bring in a cake he'd had made for the rehearsal dinner based off the Old Coopersmith Mine.


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