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The Grimoire used to resurrect the Source
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Innocents Lost
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The Darklight Zone

Grimoires are sacred books of evil, similar to books of shadows for witches. They contain evil spells and potions.

On the ShowEdit

Some grimoires seen on Charmed included the grimoire of the Source which was used to pass on the powers of the Source to a new host, the grimoire belonging to Lynn, Bianca's mom, and the grimoire belonging to the high priestess who married Prue to her warlock husband, Zile.

In the ComicsEdit

Innocents LostEdit

A grimoire, unlikely to be the grimoire since that was either hidden or destroyed unless Neena and Hogan located it, was used to find the spell to revive the Source.

Prue Ya Gonna Call?Edit

The Darklight ZoneEdit


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