Golden Gate Bridge
Nice View at the Entrance to the Underworld
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Charmed Lives
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Oh, Henry

The Golden Gate Bridge is a famous bridge in San Francisco that seemed to be a meeting place for the Elders in the later seasons of Charmed. It was where the adult Chris Halliwell went when he was angry after having beaten up his dad while infected with the spider demon's venom. It was also where Henry proposed to Paige.

In the ComicsEdit

Charmed LivesEdit

The bridge can be seen in the distance when Neena and Hogan begin their journey to the underworld.

Oh, HenryEdit

"The police have closed the Golden Gate Bridge until they can determine the cause of the falling bridge" the reported on the TV announced after explaining that they had been unable to get video footage because the chopper was grounded due to fog. That was all the Charmed Ones needed to know before they determined something magical was going on. High up on the bridge they met Neena for the first time as she fought the Elders and had Rennek shoot Kyle with one of his arrows. When the sisters tried to attack her head on, she sent fire at them and a portal beneath them. Paige orbed out of the way, Phoebe levitated, but Piper fell into the portal.

At the foot of the bridge, Paige and Phoebe met Leo, who had finally managed to make it there despite obsticals. When he saw Neena, he recognized her at once and told the girls they had to leave at once.


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