Power Negation Neena
Neena de-glamours Leo and Paige
Magical Users of Note Paige Matthews
Sam Wilder
Leo Wyatt - Formerly
Number of Issues Used 2
Comic Appearance
First Appearance
Morality Bites Back
Last Appearance
Three Little Wiccans

Galmouring is the Whitelighter ability to change one's appearance.



The ability to glamour is the ability to change one's appearance to perfectly immitate the looks of another. By this particular name, it is a power used by Whitelighters. When a similar power is used by other magical beings, it is generally called other things, most commonly, Shapeshifting when used by Demons. Although the end result is the same, the changing itself appears different.


The ability to reverse a glamour. In most cases this is the person who is in glamour changing themselves back to normal. In some cases, however, such as in Three Little Wiccans when Neena caught Paige and Leo disguised as Demons, it is someone other than the person in glamour who reverses the glamour.

In the ComicsEdit

Morality Bites BackEdit

Rather than attacking Cal, the sisters set up a fake webcast where Paige (glamoured as Cal) attacks a glamoured Elise live on the internet, which requires Phoebe to tell Elise that she is a witch

Three Little WiccansEdit


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