Thorn Manipulation
Neena killing Lorna
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Charmed Lives
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The Charmed Offensive

Geokinesis is a rare elemental magical power allowing the users to control and/or manipulate all forms of earth, such as sand, minerals and rocks. It is also referred to as Earth Manipulation. Users can use this power to create earthquakes and fissures and tear the earth open to swallow enemies. They can use vines and vegetation to kill. They can also rip rocks and earth from the ground and use them to fly.


This power is more of the physical side of elemental earth.

Magical UsersEdit

In the comicsEdit

Charmed LivesEdit

Used by Neena to combust the rocks in the entrance to the Source's Underworld bunker.

Unnatural ResourcesEdit

Used by Neena it to kill the warlock Hogan by suffocating him in vines.

The Heir Up ThereEdit

Neena used this power a second time, this time to create a thorn of some sort out of the wall behind Lorna that she then shot through Lorna and killed her with.


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