Magical Users of Note The Source of All Evil
Number of Issues Used 1+
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Mortal Enemies
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The ability to shoot Fireballs is a lethal power associated with evil, most notably demons. The possessor can conjure fire in the form of a ball, without burning their hands, and shoot them at their targets.


Fireballs can come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and power (depending on the user), and are more powerful than Energy Balls. It can be controlled and dispatched in the hand. Sometimes a target can survive being hit by an energy ball, but with fireballs the victim is normally incinerated within seconds, or at least thrown with enough force to be killed.

Magical PeopleEdit

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Mortal EnemiesEdit

The Source creates multiple Fireballs: one large Fireball he failed to kill The Charmed Ones with, and many to break through the wards of Magic School


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