Exposion 1
Magical Users of Note Piper Halliwell
Tam Mitchell
Number of Issues Used Many
Comic Appearance
First Appearance
Innocents Lost
Last Appearance
Family Shatters

When Piper first got the power to speed the molecules of objects, Leo orbed up to the Elders, to find out what was going on and learned that Piper's powers actually worked by slowing down or speeding up molecules.


Explosion is the ability to make molecules speed up to the point that causes an explosion. The power is channeled through hand gestures (the flicking of fingers), and is one of the strongest offensive powers in the comics and show. This power speeds up molecules until they break apart and cause an explosion. Piper has been able to use this to eliminate many lower level demons.

Magical PeopleEdit

In the ComicsEdit

Innocents Lost

Used by Piper Halliwell to blow up three demons.

The Charmed Offensive

Used by Piper to blow up demons.

Piper's Place

Used by a Piper Clone to blow up a demon.

The Heavens Can Wait

Piper tried to use this power to open a door. Her power failed, it didn't even scorched the door. She also used it to cause small explosions in combination with Phoebe's levitation to push them up in Paige's orb shield.

Family Shatters

Used by Piper to blow up her laundry and her laundry machine.


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