Energy Beam
Energy Beam
Neena sends Hogan into a wall
Magical Users of Note Neena
Number of Issues Used 2
Comic Appearance
First Appearance
Innocents Lost
Last Appearance
Unnatural Resources

Energy Beams are potentially deadly beams of energy normally harnessed by evil beings.


Energy Beams can be used to cause what they are aimes at to combust, burn through heat, or even harm something or someone using pure force. They can be deadly, but aren't always so. Depending on who uses them they may appear differently and be used differently.

Magical PeopleEdit

In the ComicsEdit

Innocents LostEdit

Used by a lower level demon to attack Tyler, Piper, and Paige.

Unnatural ResourcesEdit

Used by Neena when she stole the Source's powers.


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