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Cupids have rings that they use to access their powers. PJ is the only cupid known to have used a cupid like power with out the use of them. This is probably because she is half witch.


They are small rings with a single stone that lights up when they use it. It takes you through time to your future and past, but have to be careful because it can damage the future.

In the ComicsEdit

Unnatural ResourcesEdit

Coop's ring lit up when he added his magic to the magic being collected in the Phosphorus Cauldron. He later used it to access his beaming ability to get him and Piper to the attic and back to Magic School.

Cupid's HarrowEdit

Coop used his ring to collect the new recruit and then to comfort her grieving parents. When he returned to Cupid's Temple he and Kama both used their rings to release the new cupid and give her her wings. Trying to help Mitchell get over his prewedding jitters, Coop used his ring to try and calm him, but managed to make serious problems for Mitchell and his family since they were related to Coop. He was able to safely use his ring on Mitchell's fiancee, Bree, since she was not yet related to him.


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