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This is the second collected volume of Charmed comics. It contains issues 6-12 which were published between Februrary 2011 and July 2011.


The secrets we hid in the night...

The Charmed Ones have long since come to terms with how their magical calling complicates their lives, but that does not make things any easier as they confront callenges that affect their families. Phoebe faces a ghost from her past in a future that has yet to be written ... Piper's daughter reveals powers she should not possess, which leads Leo to an offer that few could refuse ... And Paige helps save an innocent victim from a demon attack only to find herself with a new kind of charge to watch over.

As they deal with their complicated lives, the mysterious power behind recent threats is finally revealed in the body of an enemy they never dreamed they'd encounter. The sisters must fight in an epic battle between the heavens and the underworld that could destroy the power of three and all of humanity in the process.

The Story

Warning! Spoilers!

Stand-Alone Issues

===Story Arc 2===

Person, Place, or Thing


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  • For the week of October 2, 2011, Volume 2 was on The New York Times Best Sellers list under Paperback Graphic Novels. It was in 8th place.
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