Charlotte Warren was the non magical mother of Melinda Warren.

On the ShowEdit

Shortly before her daughter's birth, she was taken captive by Ruth Cobb who wanted to raise her daughter evil. Eva and her coven used the magic of All Hallow's Eve to summon the greatest witches of all times, Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell. Though the three at first had no idea what to do without their active powers, with some help from Eva, they were able to learn what to do and rescued both Charlotte and Melinda.

In the ComicsEdit

To The Warren Born

Desperate when she finds herself alone and pregnant, Charlotte goes to Isabel, a woman believed to be a witch, for help. She tells her that somehow she knows that her fiance and lover, Lawrence Cutler, will not be returning. Instead of helping her get rid of her child as Charlotte believed she would, Isabel sent Charlotte to Virginia and to help. This help is believed to be Eva. Isabel sent with her a pendant that was shaped like a triquetra.


Volume 1Edit


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