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In 2006 Charmed the TV series ended, but the story didn't end there. In 2010, Zenescope Entertainment started comics adding adventures for the girls.


Volume 1Edit

The Sourcebook

A prequel to the comic book series and a must for fans of the show or anyone who wants to catch up on the Charmed universe.

Charmed Lives

Claiming their victory in the battle against evil, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige are free to settle into the future with their husbands and children, destined to live out the happily ever after they so rightfully earned...or so they think...

No Rest for the Wicca

Piper and Phoebe attend the funeral of Brittany, the first innocent they saved together only to learn her death may only be the beginning.

Innocents Lost

While Phoebe has to deal with a publicity stunt for The Bay Mirror, Piper and Paige try to locate all their past innocents before it's too late.

Mortal Enemies

With all the non-magical of San Francisco turned against them, the Charmed Ones have to figure out a way to fight back without hurting the innocents.

Unnatural Resources

This faceoff has been a long time in coming, but is it the end or just a piece of a bigger puzzle?

To the Warren Born

Charlotte Warren finds herself in a situation where she is in need of help, but the one she turns too doesn't have the same idea of help as Charlotte does.

Volume 2Edit

Morality Bites Back

The Heir Up There

Oh, Henry

The All or Nothing

Three Little Wiccans

Last Witch Effort

The Charmed Offensive

Volume 3Edit

Piper's Place

Cupid's Harrow

Where There's Smoke There's a Firestarter

The Heavens Can Wait

Family Shatters

Four's Company

Crossed, Triple-Crossed

Volume 4Edit

The Old Witcheroo

Reversal of Misfortune

Prue Ya Gonna Call?

The Darklight Zone

The Power of 300

Volume 5Edit

No Country for Old Ones

Magically Malicious

The Perks of Being a Whitelighter

Charmed Assault

Whatever Happened to the Demon with a Soul

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