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2011 gave Charmed comics fans a bumpy road as the comics dealt with the loss of a second main artist and used several artists working simultaniously to get things back on track, some months having no comics while others had two. The death of the original artist for the comics was a sad event of note. It featured the vanquish of the Source . . . again, and a new take on the events of Morality Bites now that Paige is there instead of Prue, Wyatt was born instead of Melinda (and he has two younger siblings besides), Piper and Leo aren't on the verge of divorce, and Phoebe's married with a kid of her own. New villain Neena had some pretty impressive surprises of her own, not the least of which was her own identity.

That's not the least of it as 2011 really brought in some nice surprises with the returns of notable Charmed characters such as Billie (cameo in issue 5), Grams (issues 5, 11, and 12), Sam (issues 11 and 12, Victor (issue 11), and Patty (issues 11, 12, and 14). The most notable returns where Cole's return in issue 9 and the most notable of all, Prue making her first appearence since season 3.

Real WorldEdit

Charmed actress, Alyssa Milano, and husband David Bugliari announce they are expecting their first child. He will be the fourth boy born to one of the Charmed actresses with Holly Marie Combs having 3 sons.

  • August 31st - Milo Thomas Bugliari is born to Alyssa Milano and husband, David Bugliari
  • September 5, 2011 - Original Charmed comic artist, Dave Hoover, died.
  • October 15th - Shannen Doherty married Kurt Iswarienko
  • November 11th - Holly Marie Combs and husband, David Donoho, filed for divorce after three kids and seven years of marriage.

Charmed WorldEdit

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