Brent's School
Brent directing a swirly at school
Located in San Francisco
Additional Info
Number of Issues 1
First Appearance
Mentioned But Not Seen
Last Appearance
Only One Issue

The school where Paige goes to meet her newest charge, a young witch named Brent who is just coming into his powers.

In the ComicsEdit

No Rest for the WiccaEdit

Paige orbs into the boys' restroom where she finds her new charge directing some other boys on giving a goth boy a swirly. She sends everyone out except Brent and tells him that he's a witch, news he doesn't take extremely well since he things witches are just girls.

Once he accepts that she's right he get's excited and runs off, his fingers causing a spark. He is headed for a teacher, his exact intent uncertain, because Paige orbs both of them away from the school.


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