Andy Trudeau was a childhood friend of Prue, Piper, and Phoebe. He dated Prue in high school and then again when the remet shortly after the sisters learned that they were witches. He died protecting Prue and her sisters.

On the ShowEdit

Andy ran into Prue at the hospital when she was visiting Phoebe who had been hit by a car and he was investigating a case. They started dating again, but when Prue cast a spell to see how he would react to learning she was a witch, she pulled away after learning he didn't think he wanted to deal with that in his life.

Although he didn't remember the first time she told him, Andy eventually found out on his own that she was a witch. He chose to keep her secret and ultimately turned in his badge rather than reveal her secrets to Rodrigues. When the sisters got stuck repeating a day over and over, again, and Andy was told that Phoebe saw him die, he decided when things weren't going well yet again, that he was going to protect Prue. He died trying to protect them and when Prue almost joined him, he told her that she had to survive and she had to make the day end.

In the ComicsEdit

The Sourcebook

The Heavens Can Wait

Prue told Cole that Andy was waiting for her when she arrived in the Beyond. She also said that it hurt him more than anyone else when she was having so much trouble adjusting, but that he still wouldn't let her go.

Prue Ya Gonna Call?

Darryl wanted to know how Andy was, but couldn't quite get the words out, but they understood him anyway and let him know that Andy was all right.

Tribunal and Tribulations

Darryl is doing dishes when he hears someone at the door. Since no one else is around to get the door, he goes and gets it himself and finds an unfamiliar woman at the door who claims to be a friend of sorts of the Charmed Ones. He tells her that he's not involved with magic anymore and and she tells him that she has a message for him and as he tries to close the door, she says something that stops him in his tracks. Tears start falling down his face until the messenger agrees to help Darryl see the person who is talking to him and for the first time in a decade Darryl gets to see his former partner standing their in front of him, a ghost to be sure, but there all the same. Andy's back.

Something Old, Something Prue

The Reason



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