Alexi's Lair
Cole enters Alexi's Lair
Additional Info
Number of Issues 1
First Appearance
Where There's Smoke There's a Firestarter
Last Appearance
Only One Issue

The place where Alexi, a seer who knows both Cole and Rennek, spends much of her time. The most prominent items in it are a table with a "crystal" ball and a mirror, both of which Alexi uses to practice her power.

Gateway toEdit


Alexi's Lair appears to be in the Underworld. It is surrounded by cavelike tunnels and pathways and has cavelike walls. This is typical of the Underworld. However, since it is not stated outright, it could be elsewhere.

In the ComicsEdit

Where There's Smoke There's a FirestarterEdit

Cole came to Alexi in her lair in order to ask for her help. He refused to actually tell her what he was doing, but she knew anyway. Once she had found the clue to give him, Cole went on his way. As he was leaving Rennek showed up with the Jewel of Orthon, which he had been borrowing. He wanted to keep borrowing it for one more task.


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