Advanced Telekinesis
Magical Users of Note Prue Halliwell
Number of Issues Used 1
Comic Appearance
First Appearance
Family Shatters
Last Appearance
Family Shatters

Advanced Telekinesis, as its title states, is an extremely powerful and advanced form of Telekinesis.


Those who possess this power are able to perform feats greater than those who possess only basic telekinesis, such as moving multiple and heavy objects all at once, or move them across vast distances (like Prue Halliwell).

Advanced Telekinesis can also be used to generate a wave of telekinetic energy, capable of causing great destruction and causing objects to explode by putting huge amounts of pressure on them.

The effects of advanced telekinesis are as follows:

  • Moving multiple objects using only the power of one's mind
  • Moving objects over vast distances
  • Moving objects whose weight is beyond the strength of an average human being and even beyond other users of basic telekinesis
  • Releasing a wave of telekinetic energy that can cause objects to combust through high pressure.

Magical PeopleEdit

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Family ShattersEdit

As her sisters powers advanced so did Prue's. When she came back to Earth and was revived as Patience her power grew to allow her to lift a car.


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